An experiment gone wrong sends a bright young scientist and an art student back to Victorian London in an underground carriage.
They try to get back home, but first they have to make history.

What is this?

Metro is a point & click adventure game currently being developed by me and my team of talented individuals.

Being a software developer, having been part of several successful crowd-funded board game projects and given my enthusiasm for video games, I decided that it is time to make one of my own.

Fortunately I am surrounded with talented and creative people who happily joined my project. Our team of writers, artists and devs are working on making Metro into a great game with an immersive story and intriguing mysteries.

Time travelling with the Tube, you say?

The story begins in the future, where a bright young scientist, James is conducting a slightly illegal experiment in the very hightech London Underground tunnels. The experiment goes wrong and James, who is sitting in one of the carriages, gets sucked into a vortex (riding in the carriage) and lands in the present right in front of an art student (Amelia) who just missed the last train home.

Amelia, being a concerned citizen runs inside the carriage to see if James is ok. Of course James's landing alerts security, so he takes off in the carriage with Amelia.

They stop in a service tunnel and they notice that something is wrong. They conclude that they need to get to the surface. This is when they realise that they are actually in Victorian London...

... and this is where the actual game begins.

Any cool game features?

In terms of game features, you have your usual 2D point & click mechanics (walk around in a scene, talk to characters, look at objects, do things with objects, the usual things...)

On top of that, you play the game with two characters. You control both James and Amelia, who have different abilities. E.g. Amelia is shorter, so if you want to reach for something that is high up on a shelf, you better do that with James. Or get a chair to stand on.

We aim to include multiple possible solutions to most problems posed by the game.

We also want to experiment with adding RPG-like elements to the game (e.g. skills that unlock certain new actions).

What's your plan to finish it?

While our creative team is working on the details of the story and the characters, the marketing team is laying down the groundwork for a Kickstarter campaign.

I can't really tell you much more of the plan, as a lot will depend on the success of our campaign. If it is a huge success, we will extend our already exciting story and make the game shiny. But we will also make sure that even if we only make it to minimum funding we deliver a great game.

Sounds great! Can I join?

Sure you can! Just drop me a message, and let me know what you can do.

No slaving. - Since we are in a preparation stage, we don't have any deadlines yet. When we set the deadlines, I will try to do that so it fits everyone's schedule. I do not expect anyone to give up all their free time. If you do so, it is your choice. I only expect that you keep your deadlines that you promised.

Money. - Like I said, there will be a Kickstarter campaign. We plan to finish that before the majority of the work begins, so we can calculate your fee into our budget if need be. Just let me know beforehand.

Beginners are welcome! - I know how hard it can be to get started in a new field. So don't be discouraged if you don't have an excessive amount of references. If you love what do, I'm sure I can find you a place in our team.

If you have any other questions, let me know.

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